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Cambian Whinfell School

Cambian Whinfell raises the bar with ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted report

Cambian’s leading autism and complex needs school in Cumbria has achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating in its latest Ofsted inspection.

Despite considerably tougher inspections, Cambian Whinfell School achieved a glowing report, full of positive feedback and support from parents.

In their comments, inspectors said: “Young people receive highly personalised care that enables them to make significant progress in their placements. Staff are attentive to young people’s needs and are committed to ensuring that they are successfully addressed and responded to. Young people feel safe in this home and know that staff really care about them."

“All the young people are encouraged and enabled to become more involved in making choices about how the home develops. They enjoy access to a range of social opportunities and experiences that enhance their confidence and self-esteem."

“Young people living in this home are well supported to reach their full potential. All aspects of their well-being are nurtured and they are making excellent progress and achieving positive outcomes in all areas of their lives."

They concluded by saying: “Staff provide an excellent quality of care, valuing young people’s opinions, wishes and views. Young people benefit from comprehensive care planning that takes account of all key aspects of their care. This ensures that their needs are well understood and catered for.”

One parent was quoted in the report as saying that her child being enrolled at Cambian Whinfell was “like winning the lottery - the progress he is making is mind-blowing".

Another parent said: “Placing my child there was the hardest decision I have ever had to make as he has severe learning difficulties. Admitting I could no longer cope was hard but the staff are fantastic; I am involved in all decision-making and feel I am part of the team. They make tremendous effort to ensure he keeps strong ties with home.”

Cambian Whinfell School is a 52-week education service that offers residential education and care for boys and young men aged 11-19 with autism, severe learning difficulties, challenging behaviour and complex needs.

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