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Cambian Deaf services are based on a culmination of over ten years of experience and passion for working with deaf children and young people. Our specialist services also cater for some of the most vulnerable and challenging people in society and we ensure that they gain the individual support that they need to achieve their personal best.


The core Cambian difference is our staff who communicate in British Sign Language (BSL) whilst working and have extensive and continuous training in Deaf awareness, Deaf culture and other communication means such as Sign Supported English and visual aids. This ensures a holistic approach to communication needs. This capability together with the environment of our homes allows us to successfully manage some very challenging individuals, working through the difficulties of communication together and other associated complex issues that may well exist.


We have significant experience of stabilising individuals who have experienced multiple placement breakdowns with the aim of enabling young people to learn key skills for life to take with them as they transform into adulthood. Our approach, aligned to the National Minimum Standards, is focused on reducing challenging behaviours and ensuring the individuals in our care progress in all areas of their lives.


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Deaf Profile

• Aged 16-25

• D/deaf or hearing loss

• Communication difficulties

• Associated complex needs

• Challenging behaviour

• Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome or other diagnosed conditions

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