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The Hale 

The Hale is a therapeutic residence for five young girls. We support them through an in-depth and integrated approach to recovery, with a view to helping them gain skills for independent community living.


Our mission is to ensure that every young person is safe and free from harm, and to provide outstanding individualised care. We cater for people from a range of cultures and ethnicities, with varying emotional, social or behavioral difficulties. This ethos runs through the core of our home and staff team and it helps us to plan care packages tailored to each individual young person. The emphasis is on building positive relationships with the young person and providing strong role modelling.


The Hale is supported by a multi-disciplinary team, with an assistant psychologist working at the house on a full-time basis. Aspects of dyadic developmental psychotherapy, including PACE techniques, may be incorporated into the therapeutic package, alongside dialectical behaviour therapy techniques, targeted therapeutic work and trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy.


Our overall aim is to provide a stable environment for young people, where they can learn to utilise and build upon their own self-soothing skills, mindfulness, resilience and emotional regulation abilities, and are able to move foward in their journey towards independent living.


The home has modern furnishings and fittings that create a comfortable and nurturing environment. It comprises of five bedrooms, a separate on-site therapy suite, a large kitchen, dining room, lounge, quiet room and a laundry room. There is a local shopping centre within walking distance from the home and we are situated approximately 20 minutes travelling time from Birmingham City Centre.


Young Person Profile

✓ Female, aged 12-18 years

✓ Known to CAMHS

✓ Childhood trauma

✓ Emerging personality disorders

✓ Attachment disorder

✓ Behavioural and developmental problems

✓ Repeated family or placement breakdowns

The Team