Specialist Education

Understanding our learners’ individual behaviour and how they see the world is essential to support their development. We have a strong ethos of using positive and creative strategies and approaches to benefit the people in our care.


By providing a wide range of specialist interventions, tailored approaches and proactive options for learners, we ensure that all the young people in our care have the chance to engage positively with staff and their peers.


Whilst with us, we encourage our students to pursue their interests and provide them the support they need to meet their targets and consistently achieve their personal best. Our range of multidisciplinary therapies are delivered by a highly skilled and passionate team who work together to achieve a holistic care environment. An important part of helping our learners to achieve their personal best is encouraging them to develop interests and participate in a variety of activities in different environments.


All students follow an individualised programme of practical life skills development within real–life, supported living and community environments, with the aim of developing independence skills such as personal care, cooking, shopping, cleaning, laundry, travel training and community awareness.


Cambian Pengwern College provides a total communication environment that enables all learners to reach their potential, both in expressing themselves and understanding others. The college creates a supportive and effective communication environment, valuing all means of communication equally.


There is strong emphasis on the use of visual information to promote learner choice, control and autonomy. The provision of accessible information throughout the college, such as pictorial timetables and visual time lines facilitates learners’ independence across the curriculum.


Our dedicated team include:

✓ Learning tutors

✓ Speech & language therapists

✓ Occupational therapist

✓ Key workers

✓ Behaviour practice lead

✓ Educational psychologist