Cambian Pengwern College

Cambian Pengwern College – Update as of 3rd July


College Status - Open




18 - Number of students currently at home with parents / guardians

19 - Students currently in a residential placement

22 - Students currently attending college 


At Pengwern College, Education is continuing for all students, day and residential with a mix of approaches:


  • All tutors are in touch with keyworkers for all of the students in the residential settings and are providing work packs and activities to be carried out in the residences, in the houses on site, and around the campus, maintaining social distances or isolation for those students who have come back following the Easter break


  • We are using technology to allow some of the students to participate in Face time with their tutors to maintain the face to face contact


  • Photographs are being provided by the residential staff to show what the students are doing so that the activities can be used towards their accreditation targets, thereby maintaining their progress towards their qualifications. These photographs are being shared on the college Facebook page where permissions are in place


  • All day students are receiving a weekly pack of worksheets and activities and all parents of day students have been contacted to check how they feel this is going and if they feel there is enough work or if they require extra


  • Workbooks are being amended to allow sufficient challenge and maintain their motivation


Other comments / notes


Other comments / notes


Thank you for your continued support at this time of uncertainty. We, like you, are finding our way and adjusting to the ‘new’ world in the face of Covid19. 


Whilst all of our schools have remained open, some parents / guardians taken the decision to keep your young people safe at home.  This has enabled us to focus on those young people who were not in a position to go home and be cared for by family.  We have been able to continue to offer support to all students and families, whether at school or not.  We have been able to provide ‘virtual lessons’ or distance learning opportunities and remote therapeutic support.  If you would like some support or have ideas about services you think we could offer, please do not hesitate in getting in touch.


We are planning for our schools and colleges to remain open and that our Day and Termly Students will return soon.  What we are unable to do, at this time, is be clear about the timing of this. There are a number of factors that we have to consider.


  • Whilst the government announced an initial three week period of encouraged self-isolation and social distancing, we understand that depending on the impact of this initiative this period will be extended.
  • To support the safe return of students we need to be sure that we have a staffing cohort who are well and able to provide the requisite care for the students at school.
  • We will want to minimise the likelihood of infection within our schools / college, and aside from staff working, we want to minimise other school visitors and ONLY allow all people (staff, students and limited visitors) to the school who are well.


In order for us to plan most effectively, we would ask you to support us with the following:


  1. You should confirm your intentions regarding the return of your child. 


We understand that you may well wish to keep your child home and continue to work with us remotely.  We will provide support for those who may wish to do this.


Once we have these numbers, we will be able to better assess whether we have sufficient, well staff to safely return your child to school.  We are currently gathering staff information daily which helps us to understand this position and for the next seven days. If through illness, staffing level change and impact the ability to support the safe return of your child we will contact you immediately.


  1. When considering whether to return your child, we ask that your child and your household MUST NOT have exhibited any symptoms of Covid 19 in the seven days before the potential return of your child.  If over the holiday period your family have been in self-isolation these details and timings will be required to be shared.
  2. On return to school, you be asked to complete a health declaration to confirm to the best of your knowledge that your child is fit and safe to return to school.


We hope this is a sensible and pragmatic approach to the current situation, we feel that this will allow us to continue to manage these exceptional circumstances effectively and safely.


If you require further details regarding this update then please do not hesitate to contact

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