Specialist Education

Cambian Potterspury Lodge School consists of small class groups, creating a supportive and relaxing environment where students can learn and achieve their personal best.


The School's approach to behaviour change is postive and non-aversive. The teaching styles and strategies are developed with Asperger Syndrome in mind and are very much led by the needs of the students.


The work of staff is based upon understanding the ability of the student to manage academically, socially and emotionally in various situations.


Individualised plans are designed to meet students' specific needs, and these plans form the basis of the four-way partnership between the student, school, family and Local Authority.


The curriculum is tailored to individual needs and it is supported by Individual Education Plans (IEPs). These plans allow each student to have access to a challenging, broad, relevant and differentiated curriculum that is designed to be Asperger Syndrome friendly.


Therapeutic Services


Cambian Potterspury Lodge Schools makes use of the Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) framework. CPI is an international training organisation committed to best practices and safe behaviour management methods that focus on prevention. The therapeutic services approach ensures difficulties are detected and allows students to receive support as needed.


Our overall aim is for our multi-disciplinary team to work alongside the care and education teams, enabling students to overcome their difficulties and promote their individual strengths.


Student Support


Students are supported by:


✓ Maximum class size of eight students

✓ High staff ratio of between 1:4 and 1:1 (this is determined at assessment and is specific to student needs)

✓ On-site therapeutic team


The school day provides opportunities for academic, personal and social skills to be developed. Full use is also made of resources in the local environment.


We have a well-developed work experience programme that allows all students once in Key Stage 4 and Post-16 to attend supported or individual work experience placements.


Our educational programmes allow individuals to engage and participate in activities such as shopping, sports, swimming, social skills, library visits, fishing and country walks.


Every member of staff is dedicated to help all students achieve their potential through a personalised curriculum. This approach is designed to assist the students in developing academic, social and life skills that will enable them to achieve the maximum amount of independence in their adult lives.


Our dedicated team include:

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Teaching assistants

✓ Residential staff

✓ Key worker

✓ Speech and language therapists

✓ Clinical psychologists

✓ Consultant psychiatrist

✓ Occupational therapists