Specialist Education

The environment is structured, stable and secure with well-planned routines aimed at reducing anxiety and confusion.


Cambian Whinfell School provide individual care and education to the highest standard. Our aim is to allow young people to develop their maximum potential and to learn coping strategies for life as an adult with Asperger Syndrome.


Our approach is based on the belief that children and young people with an Autism Spectrum Disorder do not make progress if left alone. Students are guided to reach their potential with consistent, fully informed and appropriate intervention.


The environment is structured, stable and secure with well-planned routines aimed at reducing anxiety and confusion, whilst supporting decision-making and awareness of potential risks and dangers.


Each young person can increase in confidence and build self-esteem through the progressive achievement of realistic individual goals and targets. Once a student is secure with us here their comfort zones will be challenged so they can develop necessary life skills in a progressive and reassuring way.


Therapeutic Outdoor Learning


Therapeutic outdoor learning (TOL) is one of the cornerstones of our curriculum at Cambian Whinfell School. It is a vital element in 'grounding' the boys so that they full engage in the wider programme of education and personal development.


TOL involves the use of the outdoors as a central part of our provision. The activities we use can be anything from adventurous 'outdoor pursuits' (canoeing, climbing, mountain-biking, caving, etc.) through to working on our allotment, on local farms or in the National Park. All activities are very closely linked to each young person's Individual Learning Programme (ILP) targets as described in their Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


Sessions are often specifically informed by the therapy team and may be designed to enhance areas such as communication skills, collaboration and expressive language or may focus on developing motor skills, core stability or coordination, for example.


Alongside this we recognise the immense psychological benefits for our young people of spending time in the outdoors. It is a great environment for developing risk awareness and, in a carefully supported way of pushing students out of their comfort zones without unduly raising anxiety.


Our dedicated team include:

✓ Specialist teachers

✓ Teaching assistants

✓ Residential staff

✓ Key workers

✓ Speech and language therapists

✓ Clinical psychologist

✓ Consultant psychiatrist

✓ Occupational therapist