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Nordoff Robbins is the largest independent music therapy charity in the UK, dedicated to enriching the lives of people through music. They work in their own centres and in partnership with a range of organisations to support children and young people on the autism spectrum and living with a range of complex needs through the specialist use of music. Their music therapists are expertly trained to tune into each movement, reaction and expression of the individuals they work with to discover how music can enrich their lives. As well as all being graduates of our two-year Master of Music therapy programme, validated by Goldsmiths, University of London, their therapists are also registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.


How does Music Therapy help?

Children and young people who have complex needs, including being on the autism spectrum, face many different challenges that can also affect parents, families and carers. Music therapy can support these individuals and their families in many different ways, helping with communication, emotional wellbeing and social interaction.


Autism and complex needs affect people di!erently, and our music-centred approach focuses on working with a person’s existing abilities to bring out their potential. Through music, our therapists can help people establish meaningful communication, develop an increased awareness of themselves and others, build self-esteem and confidence, emotional and social development.

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