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We love to speak about stories of success and the brilliant work our team do. Success can be measured in many different ways and our goal is to support the students in our care and bring out the best in them.


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"I would like to thank you for chairing the Annual Review last week. I truly appreciate all your input in regards to my son’s progress so far and working towards his aspirations for the future.  Following my feedback at the Annual Review, I would like to reiterate my appreciation to you and your staff for the amazing support care, and patience you have with my son, which has certainly made a difference to him.


My son has certainly made tremendous progress, especially in his level of understanding, better interaction, and techniques that he has develop to try and cope with his feelings of anxiety and restlessness.  Thank you for addressing the concerns that I have had in the past with regards to my son at the dchool which is greatly appreciated. 


I must say that I am happy that my son is at The Forum School and could not have asked for a better residential school placement for him to be in, considering all the challenges that he has been through prior to joining in 2017.  Thank you and well done for all your hard work, support and the excellent work your staff have been doing under your guidance and management."




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"Who would have thought that a young adult, who is non-verbal, coupled with complex special needs and very challenging behaviours like my son, could make such wonderful progress?"