Specialist Education

The school offers a therapeutic environment, where all staff have been trained in various techniques to work successfully with vulnerable young people who may display a wide range of emotionally triggered behaviours.


Our approach is to inspire and engage our learners through a range of positive learning experiences. We strongly believe that all learners can achieve their personal best with the right guidance, encouragement and support. We pride ourselves on providing a warm, caring and nurturing environment where students are prepared to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. Our school staff forms part of an effective multi-disciplinary team that aims to equip learners with the requisite knowledge and skills necessary to meet life's increasingly difficult challenges.


Student Support


By working collaboratively with carers/parents and young people we aim to:  


✓ Provide a positive, safe and nurturing environment where students and staff feel happy and secure in the process of learning  


✓ Provide access to high quality education and pastoral care that will enhance personal development, stimulate growth and provide equal opportunity


✓ Develop learners’ self-esteem, independence and awareness of, and consideration for, the feelings and the needs of others within the school and community


✓ Encourage young people to positively manage their own behaviours and difficulties  


✓ Establish a climate within which young people and adults can interact and relate, engendering high levels of mutual interest and personal respect


✓ Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets each learners needs, and for those with special needs, an individualised programme of support to access the curriculum and achieve the outcomes of their Education, Health & Care Plan