Cambian Acquired Brain Injury Services

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Active Care

Active Care is at the heart of our services. It offers the men in our care over 200 outcome measures. These are integrated in care plans and are subsequently reviewed regularly by the members of the multi-disciplinary team.

Our comprehensive range of outcome tools and measures evaluate progress to ensure a holistic view of recovery.

  • Cognition: ACE-R, EXIT-25, CANTAB, R-BANS
  • Orientation test, Rivermead, Ravens
  • Risk and Behavioral Disturbance:
    • ABC charts
    • Short Team Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START)
    • IR1 forms
    • BROSET violence checklist (BVC)
  • Mental Health:
    • BPRS
    • Cambian Neuropsychiatric Profiling Scale
    • Hamilton Anxiety
    • Depression scales
    • Lunsers
  • Function:
    • FIM FAM
    • DLSOS
    • Dysphagia scale

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