Cambian Acquired Brain Injury Services

everyone has a personal best

Our Environment

Cambian Lodge and Cambian Grange have been designed and equipped with an all-integrated physical environment to aid in patients’ neurobehavioural rehabilitation process.

We make every effort to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the men in ourcare. Well-designed buildings, well-proportioned rooms, fabrics and furnishings that please the senses, nurturing gardens and outside spaces: these are all part of the Cambian way. Patients are encouraged to decorate their room in their own style.

Our specifically designed environments assist our patients to manage:

  • Visual, spatial and perceptual difficulties
  • Utilisation of behaviours such as the excess use of light switches
  • Frustration and confusion
  • Information processing to support levels of independence and communication

Memory box

Depending on risk assessments, the men in our care will have a memory box located in their bedrooms to help remembering memorable times, people or places of interest. Items such as photographs, DVDs or patients’ own notes can also be placed inside the box.

Our innovative and carefully designed interiors include:

  • Contrast furniture
  • Recessive lighting
  • Zoned colour-ways and floorings
  • Advanced picture navigation systems