Adult specialist learning disability services in UK

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Outcomes for the people in our care

  • Reduction in challenging behaviour
  • Improvement in psychotic symptoms
  • GAP improvement
  • Acquisition of daily living skills
  • Attainment of tolerance and coping skills
  • Positive risk behaviour
  • Progression in personalised care pathways
  • Increased social and communication integration
  • Structured routines helping with behaviour, anger and anxiety management

Our comprehensive and complementary range of outcome tools and measures evaluate individuals' progress over many areas.

  • HCR20
  • HoNOS
  • GAP
  • Recovery Star
  • Self-harm risk assessment tool and immediate revision of START
  • Improved communication and social understanding
  • Acquisition of coping skills and self-regulation
  • Improvements in metabolic profile
  • Vocational qualifications
  • Family, social and community reintegration
  • Medication management

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