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Male and female locked rehabiliation services

We want our patients to achieve something special and to be able to make their own choices and live as independently as they are able to.

To achieve this, our in-house multi-disciplinary team supports them with our Active CareTM Learning Disability model, which offers a Psychology, Speech and Language and OT-led approach alongside psychiatry and nursing.

In addition to our psychiatry, nursing and SaLT interventions we offer:

OT-led interventions

  • Incentivised activities at local colleges and leisure centres
  • Community and road awareness training (New approach: on-site travel safe programme)
  • Numeracy and literacy programmes
  • Education programmes and IT skills
  • Food and personal hygiene
  • Individual and group cooking sessions
  • Health and safety training including infection control
  • Shopping and budgeting
  • Voluntary work and vocational skills training
  • Exercise, dance group and healthy living
  • Social and cultural activities
  • Therapeutic learnings
  • Budgeting skills
  • Animal assisted therapy

Psychology-led interventions

  • Modular DBT
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Anger and anxiety management
  • Sex offender treatment programme
  • Mindfulness therapy
  • Bereavement therapy
  • 1:1 psychotherapy sessions
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • Behaviour analysis and problem-solving approaches
  • Wellness recovery action plans
  • Drugs and alcohol misuse

Travel Safe programme: 'destination home'

At Cambian, we understand the concerns of the people in our care when it comes to road safety and using public transport. Travel safe is an OT initiative which allows patients to learn and practise travelling skills in traffic and travel like conditions so that they can learn travel safety and build the confidence that they need.

  • Personal safety
  • Route planning and fare budgeting skills
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • Reading travel information and road signage
  • Traffic light awareness
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Bus passenger functions: on-board safety, ticket purchase and stop request
  • Road noise familiarisation

Cambian Live Well Choices

Cambian Live Well Choices include five-a-day daily living activities, an initiative developed by our occupational therapy teams, which encourages our patients to take up to five different activities each day from house work to learning a new skill. All of our Live Well Choices aim to increase energy levels, improve health and lifestyle and improving daily living skills. Activities may include:

  • Cooking groups
  • Arts and crafts
  • Relaxation
  • Reflexology
  • Gym
  • Healthy living groups
  • Swimming
  • Cultural, spiritual and religious affairs
  • Creative dance groups
  • Gardening
  • Sexual Health and relationships groups

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