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Cambian's Active Care model

Active CareTM is at the heart of our mental health rehabilitation services. It offers the people in our care over 200 outcome measures. These are integrated into their care plans and are subsequently reviewed regularly by the members of the multi-disciplinary team.

The model offers a unique approach to the mental health rehabilitation of our patients as it allows our MDT to work in synergy. For example, if a patient refuses their medication under their nursing care plans, this incident is shared through all Active CareTM disciplines. Our MDT will then work together to identify the underlying issue, which could derive from a psychological matter..

Active Care

Our commissioning managers are available to explain in more detail all elements of our Active CareTM wheel at an informal meeting. Active CareTM is tried, trusted and it delivers industry-leading results.

Measuring outcomes towards a personal best

Our comprehensive and complementary range of outcome tools and measures evaluate progress over many areas to ensure a holistic view of our patient's recovery. These include:

  • HCR20
  • HoNOS
  • GAP
  • Recovery Star
  • Self-harm risk assessment tool and immediate revision of START
  • Improved communication and social understanding
  • Acquisition of coping skills and self-regulation
  • Improvements in metabolic profile
  • Vocational qualifications
  • Family, social and community reintegration
  • Medication management

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