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Male Patient Approach

We never fail to recognise our patients' potential for recovery, no matter what difficulties they might be facing.

Often the men in our care with a diagnosis of complex mental health needs such as schizophrenia or depression will need to regain the necessary daily living skills to rebuild their lives. All of our interventions are matched according to the individual's needs and if a formal therapy session isn't the best means of engaging with someone, then our OT teams will adapt their engagement approach to ensure that they still make clear progress. This includes initiating opportunities based on the person's interests or aspirations.

Alongside our pharmacological treatments to stabilise the mental illness,  our occupational therapy-led approach enables the men in our care to unlock their talents and aspirations to achieve supported living or independence. Active CareTM  facilitates education, vocational skills, social integration and daily living skills for the men in our care.

Our male services at a glance:

  • A psychology and OT-led service supported by in-house salaried MDT
  • Treatment for offenders including forensic psychology
  • Self-harm, addictions, personality disorder, psychosis, anger management
  • Sensory profiling and sensory strategies
  • Our male services provide approximately 60-80m2 of floor space per resident to promote low stimuli environments
  • Our services include kitchen and music therapy rooms, internet cafe, therapy garden, barbers, gym, communal lounges and shop

OT activities for our male patients may include:

  • CV writing
  • Using public transport
  • Cooking
  • Money management
  • Gym
  • Barber course
  • Art & Crafts
  • Relaxation classes
  • Walking groups
  • Cycling groups
  • Football
  • Horse riding
  • Gardening
  • College courses
  • Learndirect
  • Pottery
  • Furniture making
  • Well man clinics

Cambian's relational security

(Aligned to the Department of Health's See Think Act guidance)
At Cambian we understand relational security is a key contributor towards our patients' recovery. We create opportunities for positive social engagement by promoting a calm, safe and friendly environment. All members of staff whether their role is clinical, operational, support or administrative are trained in relational security.

  • Boundaries and patient mix
  • Patient dynamic and self-harm protocols
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Managing physical environment
  • Relational 1:1 support
  • Zonal observation management approach

Family support

We understand the importance of family support and social networks in the lives of the men we care for. Our patients' families can sometimes provide our multi-disciplinary team with insight into the emotional difficulties they may be facing. Equally, we also understand families could benefit from interventions which contribute towards the recovery of their loved ones.

Where appropriate, we may be able to offer family intervention therapies, which include:

  • Psycho-education involving the family in relapse prevention management
  • Family support including guidance on:
  • Understanding the diagnosis and behaviour disturbances
  • Exploring relative relationship patterns and problem-solving
  • Acceptance
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Discussion of difficult subjects
  • Family role and social functioning

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