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Our Environment

We make every effort to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for the people in our care.

Well-designed buildings, well-proportioned rooms, fabrics and furnishings that please the senses, nurturing gardens and outside spaces: all these are part of the Cambian way. Each patient's room is a bright, optimistic space, where they can feel safe, cared for and supported. The people in our care are encouraged to decorate their own room in their own style. This promotes a feeling of ownership and a reawakened awareness of personal responsibility. 

  • Our services provide approximately 60-80m2 of floor space per resident (equivalent to a 2 bedroom flat) to promote low stimuli environments
  • Kitchen therapy rooms
  • Self-modulation rooms1
  • Gardens and therapeutic gardens
  • Patient's lounges are equipped with interactive entertainment systems
  • Multi-faith and family rooms
  • Internet cafes
  • Beauty salons
  • Barber shop2
  • Gym
  • Laundry facilities
  • Netball court3
  • Recreational and arts facilities
  • Our en-suite bedrooms exceed standard sizes

1Female services

2Cambian Churchill

3Cambian Appletree

For our female patients:
Self-modulation rooms, environments set up with self-regulation in mind

Our self-modulation rooms are specially designed for patients to access a broad variety of therapeutic strategies and items to promote self-regulation and positive change. OT sensory diets are structured and delivered in the rooms. Patients choose activities which may consist of visual, tactile, movement, olfactory or auditory inputs to increase or decrease their level of alertness thus reducing stress and harmful behaviours.

  • Increased self-regulation skills
  • Increased opportunities for engagement in prevention and crisis de-escalation
  • Strategies as well as a host of other therapeutic exchanges
  • Increased knowledge of personal needs, choice-making and empowerment
  • Reduction of risks

Community involvement

In order for our patients to achieve their personal best, re-integration into the wider community remains a strong part of the Cambian ethos. Equally, our patients also work in partnership with the community to give something back, for example taking part in local conservation projects.

We choose the location of our facilities to provide every opportunity for our patients to learn and live as independently as possible.

 All of our services have strong links within the community including:

  • Partnerships with local colleges
  • Universities and Learndirect centres
  • Libraries
  • Voluntary work centres
  • Places of leisure and entertainment
  • Charity partnerships and fund raising initiatives
  • Community involvement projects
  • Social outings

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