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Positive outcomes for the people in our care

*Facts and figures

  • 86% of discharges result in patients returning to lower cost community-based care
  • 41% of discharges are direct to independent living
  • 18 months average length of stay across current Cambian services

Daily Living Skills 

  • 17 areas of function are measured such as hygiene, budgeting and road safety
  • Factual measurement and not based on clinical judgement
  • The graph displays a cohort of 66 patients who over the period of 12 months improved their daily living skills by 34%

Global Assessment of Progress (GAP)

  • Most people who come to our care present with a GAP rating of 30-40, at times 10-20. Active CareTM equips the people in our care with the coping techniques to progressively move toward a GAP rating of 50-60
  • An internationally validated tool to rate the social, occupational and psychological functioning of adults in view of their mental illness symptoms. It is part of the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM IV)

Education and Employment

  • Individualised OT care plans within our Active CareTM model actively encourage the people in our care to complete a qualification. A total of 50% of patients, when discharged, will have completed an educational or vocational qualification
  • 45% of the people in our care will have completed therapeutic earning programmes. These programmes cover all aspects of career development from CV writing,                                                                         job application to interview stage.
  • 63% will have taken part in community voluntary work


  • 93% of eligible individuals have completed their psychology intervention programmes
  • Our psychology interventions help our patients to develop insight, coping and behaviour management strategies
  • One of the key elements for relapse-prevention and well-being

To find out more about how we measure our patients' outcomes towards their personal best read more here

*Facts, figures and graphs relate to all Cambian mental health rehabilitation hospitals 2010

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