We are one of the largest providers of specialist behavioural health services for children and adults in the UK.

Although our work embraces many specialist disciplines, it is united by a common purpose:  To actively enable each and every one of the people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them.

We provide services for over 2,900 individuals in 286 services. We work with over 140 public authorities and employ more than 7,200 staff.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the highest quality provider of specialist behavioural health services in the UK.

Our belief

Everyone has a personal best

Everyone can find something to aim for

Everyone can achieve something special

And everyone should have the opportunity to strive for it.


No matter what their situation

No matter what specific challenges they might be facing

We will actively enable the people in our care to achieve their personal best.

For everyone at Cambian, that is a personal commitment.

Our History

The genesis of The Cambian Group was an 18 bed rehabilitation hospital that was piloted in 2003 in a company called NHP Healthcare Partnerships.

NHP Healthcare Partnerships was the subject of a management buyout in 2004 backed by GI Partners and Cambian Healthcare was formed.

The team was driven by a desire to deliver better life outcomes for patients, often excluded from mainstream society and stigmatised because of their illness or disabilities. To achieve this, a therapeutic programme called Active Care™ was developed.

The Active Care™ model was unique in providing a transparent and measurable way of mapping MDT inputs as well as quantitative evaluation of patient progress.

In September 2005, 7 special needs schools were purchased and Cambian Education was created. This acquisition brought with it a body of staff with over 30 years of experience and expertise in the field of Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The Cambian Schools were the pioneers of the 52 week "Waking Day Curriculum" for students with autism and continue to lead with Information Communication Technologies in classrooms, behavioural therapy, speech and language therapy and an innovative curriculum, all encapsulated in the Active Learning™ programme. Moreover, they have been given Ofsted's highest rating and praised for delivering an "outstanding level of care and education" in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Always moving toward a person-centred approach, Cambian Education and Cambian Healthcare continued to grow organically, developing leading-edge real estate and services to become market leaders in their respective fields.

During 2009, the divisions recognised the value of combining their clinical and educational functions and expertise to create a formidable force in the field of specialist healthcare and education. To this end they worked towards the creation of The Cambian Group, which was launched at the beginning of 2010.

In July 2010, The Cambian Group achieved significant growth in capability by joining with Care Aspirations, an independent provider of specialist learning disability services for adults. This provided exciting opportunities for expansion; adding an additional 200 beds.

In April 2014, Cambian and Advanced Child Care merged and are now listed on the London Stock Exchange. Shortly after this, in June 2014, Cambian acquired 3 specialist further education colleges from Mencap.

As a result, we now operate a UK-wide portfolio of 249 services caring for over 2,400 individuals (23 schools, 35 hospitals, 188 specialist care homes, day services and 3 fostering offices). We employ over 6,000 employees of whom 572 sit within our clinically-led Multi-Disciplinary Team, which is the largest cohort of therapists and clinicians employed in the UK by a single organisation outside of the NHS.