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Welcome to Cambian Group plc.

Cambian started with a single 18 bed asset and an innovative approach to the provision of mental health rehabilitation, and we are now one of the UK’s largest providers of specialist behavioural health services for adults and children. We provide services for 2,990 individuals across 286 services; we work with 140 public authorities and employ more than 7,200 people.

Our admission to the London Stock Exchange in April 2014 marked a significant milestone in the company’s development and is a testament to the strength of the business that has been providing amazing value to the UK health and social care economy for the last 11 years.

Over recent years we have seen significant changes in our environment with central government’s health and social care changes, more so now than ever the regulators rightly have raised the standards within our sector.  As a leader within our sector we are recognised for our regulatory standing that underpins all of our services.

Importantly, although our work embraces many specialist disciplines, it is united by a common purpose: To actively enable each and every one of the people in our care to achieve their personal best, however it is defined by them or for them.

I look forward to keeping you updated on our performance as we move forward.

Saleem Asaria

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