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Key Milestones


The Group was formed through a management buyout of NHP Healthcare Partnerships (part of the NHP Group plc) supported by GI Partners. At the time of its formation the Group owned three Mental Health rehabilitation hospitals where the Group developed its Active Care therapeutic model to provide a transparent and measurable way of mapping care inputs as well as providing a quantitative evaluation of individual progress.


The Group acquired Hesley Group’s southern operations consisting of seven specialist education schools which formed the basis of the Group’s Congenital Education and Residential Services. This acquisition brought the Group a body of staff with experience and expertise in the field of ASD. The acquired staff had worked within a business that had been established for over 30 years. The Group continued to grow organically by developing additional facilities and launching new services, and by July 2008, the Group operated 20 facilities and 553 beds.

July 2008

GI Partners acquired Care Aspirations, an independent provider of specialist learning difficulties services for adults. In July 2010, the Cambian Group and Care Aspirations entered into a shared services agreement and the businesses came under common management. Care Aspirations expanded the Group’s service offering by 124 additional beds.

April 2012

The Group expanded its Specialist Education service offerings to provide BESD services for deaf children through the Group’s acquisition of Signpost, a provider of high severity care services to deaf children with complex needs located in the South West of England. This acquisition expanded the Group’s reach by providing services designed to address the specific needs of children with hearing impairments, which the Directors believe is an area of considerable market opportunity due to the lack of differentiated services.

June 2013

The Group acquired Whinfell School, a 52-week educational service in the North West of England, providing outstanding care and education for boys aged 11 to 19 with autism, complex needs or other severe LDs which expanded the Group’s provision of specialist education services into the northern region of the UK. Advanced Childcare was founded in 2001 and following its acquisition by GI Partners in March 2011, expanded its service provision from 31 specialist care facilities, 32 education places and 96 fostering places to 155 specialist care facilities, 311 education places and 236 fostering places. This period included the acquisition of Clifford House (13 homes, 1 school) in September 2011, Continuum Care and Education Group (85 homes, 11 schools) in April 2012 and SACCS (12 homes, 1 school) in July 2012. Advanced Childcare forms the core of the BESD division within the Group’s Specialist Childrens’ Services.

January 2014

The Group signed heads of terms to combine (immediately prior to Admission becoming effective) with Advanced Childcare, England’s largest provider of Specialist BESD residential services with a focus on complex high severity cases and additional activities in education and fostering. Prior to the combination becoming effective, Advanced Childcare operated as a separate business, although discussions and planning for this combination commenced in 2013 following two years of close dialogue between the senior management teams enabled through the common controlling ownership by GI Partners. In January 2014, the Group engaged a leading international consultancy practice which has been working since that time on planning integration of the Group’s services in relation to the combination with management. 

April 2014

The Group listed on the London Stock Exchange’s main market.

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