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Outcomes and success

We understand that you will want your son or daughter to receive the best education and care that meets their needs. All of our schools, colleges and provisions have been rated 'a trusted provider' by Ofsted and CQC.

On average, our students achieve 85% of their Individual Education Plan Targets (IEP)

A combination of specialist education, person-centred therapeutic planning and measurement of progress can only result in the best outcomes for the people ion our care.

We measure our students' progress in a number of different ways:

  • National curriculum levels
  • National accreditation achievement awards
  • Individual Learning Plan Targets (ILP)
  • Behaviour and social progress
  • School based awards
  • Economic well-being (financial skills / work experience)
  • Being healthy
  • Sensory needs
  • Staying safe
  • Enjoying life
  • Positive contribution


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They report directly to Parliament, are independent and impartial. They inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages. 

Our Full reports are available on each schools homepage, accessible from here.

To find out more about Ofsted please visit their Ofsted website.


B Squared produces assessment across the curriculum for special schools. It breaks down the EYFS, P levels and National curriculum into bite size chunks of assessment. It allows schools to track the progress of your child to a far more accurate level.


Sleuth is an electronic behaviour tracking system that records and analyses behaviour. It provides an effective, consistent, whole school system for managing both positive and negative behaviour.

Behaviour tracking is key to successful behaviour management, revealing what behaviour is happening in school and what staff are doing about it, providing a commentary on how effective the behaviour policy is in practice. 

For more information about Sleuth please click here.


CASPA provides schools with a rich set of comparative data to allow the bench-marking of attainment and progress for both individual pupils and cohorts within our schools.


In 2012 building on the experience of the 30 years of Cambian Schools working with autism and the learning from across the wider Cambian Group we are delighted to be introducing  Education – Global Assessment of Progress (E-GAP) which has been designed to capture tangible outcomes and to measure progress in the students placed in our care.

This is a significant innovation within the field of autism, E-GAP will become an evidence-based tool that will enable all of us to:

  • Communicate more effectively between the professional disciplines, care / teaching and clinical who collectively look after each child
  • Set targets appropriate to the student’s needs and measure progress.  It works as a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach with the child being at the centre of all that we do
  • Show transparency in achievements to parents, funders and regulatory bodies

E – Gap effectively measures the progress of a student in ten dimensions key to their overall development.  Each of these areas has a clearly articulated scale that allows the professional rating that dimension to score the student at any given time.  The score will drive learning / care and therapy plans and combining the ten ratings provides a holistic picture of the student’s level of functioning.

The routine use of these measurements allows a student’s progress to be objectively tracked and communicated.  This innovation helps provide focus on each child such they are able to achieve their personal best.

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