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Parental support

Knowing how difficult it can be to entrust a child’s care to someone else, we ensure our parents have all the insight and reassurance they need to help make this difficult decision.

We also understand how difficult the journey can be to find the right provision to meet the needs of your child or young person. Our team is here to help.

As well as offering advice and support on SEN, our team can help you with queries on Cambian specialist residential schools and services for children and young people with autism, Asperger syndrome and complex needs.

Here are some of the many areas our dedicated team can help you with:

  • Let’s talk: a Cambian parent support group initiative to share experiences if you are considering one of our schools. Our Parent Liaison Team will be able to arrange this for you.
  • Support and advice throughout the SEN process from statementing to admission.
  • Information sheets on various ASC topics written by Cambian SEN professionals with over 35 years’ experience.
  • Liaison between parent and Cambian schools including post-16 provisions.
  • Visits to our residential schools.
  • Experienced Parent Liaison Officers who can help you to identify the right Cambian specialist school to help your child or young person.

To speak to a member of our Parent Liaison Team, please call

0800 138 1184

Information sheets

We have a large amount of additional information available below. The PDFs are designed to support your knowledge on the many areas listed and we hope that you find them useful. Please feel free to print them off and read them at your leisure; sharing with family, friends and school staff.

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