Chelsea’s journey

When we first met Chelsea

Chelsea* was only 13-years-old when she took up a placement at one of Cambian’s specialist residential placements in November 2011.

She had been placed under an emergency admission due to her relationship with her mother and step-father breaking down and she had incidents of absconding.

Chelsea was diagnosed with SEMH and had anger management issues. Her school attendance was very poor and she had very low self-esteem.

When Chelsea came to us

Chelsea’s placement has not been without fault and she regularly had issues with correct social behaviours and absconding. Staff worked with her to understand her individual needs and the associated dangers of absconding. Through extensive support, regular psychology input and cognitive behavioural therapy, Chelsea has a much brighter future.

Her progress has been remarkable since first coming to Cambian and she has worked very hard to manage her emotions. Staff are very proud of her achievements and with support given in a stable, caring environment, she managed to regulate her moods and has reduced her angry outbursts.


Chelsea is doing well and she attends school on a full-time basis and has recently been accepted onto a college course for Animal Care, which is now part of her transition plan. Chelsea is currently training for the popular Race for Life event and is raising money for charity by completing a mile swim with staff team next month. Her goal is to now make amends with her family and to keep in touch with them, while working to build her future.

*Name has been changed to project individual’s identity