Daniel’s journey

When we first met Daniel

Daniel* first came to Cambian Foster Care at the age of 15. He was underweight, quiet and presented as a very angry young man with a diagnosis of complex needs and SEMH. Prior to going on to live in one of our specialist children’s residential services, he was regularly abusing alcohol and illegal substances and had a history of absconding from his home and school, sometimes going missing for days at a time.

When Daniel came to us

By offering Daniel a stable environment and a comprehensive psychological assessment, we helped him to understand the full impact of his behaviours, the associated triggers and coping strategies. Daniel discovered a passion for motorbikes and is currently working towards one day achieving his license and to buy his own bike. With support from staff he is being encouraged to achieve this in his transition pathway, as part of his aspirations in life. As part of a semi-independent pathway programme, Daniel is keen to learn budgeting so that he can save for his bike and is learning to cook for himself.


A year on with us, Daniel has worked hard to address the triggers for his negative behaviour. He can now talk calmly about any issues in his life without having angry outbursts. He is attending school on a full-time basis and is due to take six GCSEs including Maths. He still requires guidance and structure but we are confident he will reach his goals in a short space of time. Most importantly, he no longer takes illegal substances and he is now a healthy young man looking forward to buying and riding his very own bike.

*Name has been changed to project individual’s identity