Cambian specialist residential care in the UK

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Complex needs homes Tier 2

Our complex needs homes offer 3-4 bedrooms, providing a minimum staffing ratio of 1:1. A few of our homes have an additional assessment bed which is available on an emergency basis.

We can cater for a wide range of cultures and ethnicities whilst care plans are personalised to meet the needs of the young person. Many of the young people in our complex needs homes present with anger management issues, absconding and criminal behaviours.

Our services are flexible and well-equipped to increase staffing to accommodate any young people who require 2 to 1 support and/or waking nights.  In addition to the care services provided within the home, Cambian also offers education at the Cambian regional school.

Where appropriate and in line with the Children Leaving Care Act 2000, our dual homes can extend the leaving age to 18 years.

We are registered by Ofsted and can accept planned or emergency referrals. 

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