everyone has a personal best

Our Approach

In safe hands: a nursing-led approach

specialist teams are dedicated individuals who are highly skilled in meeting the needs of our guests who may present with complex needs or physical disabilities. They have personal responsibility for ensuring the wellbeing, safety and comfort of the people in our care.

Our staff are trained in many areas of care including:

·         Peg feeding

·         Oxygen  administration

·         Suction

·         Continence management

·         Diabetes monitoring and  management

·         Sensory needs

·         Wellbeing and interactive  activities


Care plans
Following an individual assessment, a detailed care  plan with up-to-date information including  risk assessments is put together by our team. Our care plans are then shared with the individual, their family and carer for verification and agreement.

Individuals can also visit Cambian Conifers  with their family or carers  to familiarise themselves with the Environment and meet with members of our team.

Care plans are viewed and amended as necessary at each future visit and reviewed formally every six months.  

Length of stay
Depending on individual needs, one night minimum stay can be arranged including any desired length of stay according to allocations by the Local Authority, Health and Social Care partners or personal budgets.

Our online booking system allows  reservations to take place at least 10 days prior to the check in date, although emergency admissions can be discussed and fast-tracked by our team.