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Cambian Sherwood Lodge

Cambian opens LD rehabilitation service in Nottinghamshire

Enrique Chacoris is the registered manager of Sherwood Lodge, Cambian’s latest learning disability rehabilitation service, based in Mansfield near Nottingham. He spoke to insight about the philosophy and approach of Cambian staff.

“We see everyone as an individual and all our therapies and programmes are tailored to individual needs. We base our practice on how we would like our own loved ones to be treated and feedback from families is very important to us. We are all human first and we must never lose our humanity.

“We aim to discover how each person sees the world and how they communicate; it is important that clients are able to convey their perception of the world without prejudice and we need to communicate in a way that they understand.
“Our first intervention is grounded on the calm, fresh and spacious living environment, which encourages social interaction. People begin to feel safe and cared for. We provide activities centred on clients’ interests and they start to feel understood. Their self-esteem grows.

“We work to improve communication and social skills, using intensive speech and language therapy and inputs such as PECS. Clients learn to use positive coping mechanisms. When people are ready to engage, we introduce clinical interventions. Ultimately, we aim to empower the people in our care, so that they can progress to an appropriate community-based service.”

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