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Cambian Whinfell further enhances its autism understanding

Cambian Whinfell has further enhanced its expert understanding of autism after its Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Victoria Tipping, completed a postgraduate degree in Autism Studies.

The course from the Tizard Centre at the University of Kent covered behaviour analysis and intervention, the social psychology of autism and service issues in intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Tipping said: “I decided that I wanted to further my knowledge about autism when I first started to work at Whinfell School back in 2008. I’m fascinated with autism and how it impacts individuals in different ways. I feel very privileged to work with this group of young people and I felt that as a practitioner I wanted to improve my knowledge so I could provide the best support possible.”

Tipping graduated in 2011 with a first-class honours degree in Education from the University of Lancashire and she said that most of her studies have been based around better understanding autism.

She went on to say: “During my study I felt that I could relate better to the boys here at Whinfell and the other people with autism that I have been privileged to work with. I have been inspired by the people I have met along my journey and those who dedicate their life to working with people with autism and Intellectual Disabilities.

“I hope to enrol on a teacher training course in September 2014 as my career plan is to work with individuals with low-functioning autism together with early intervention. I believe that the earlier the intervention then the greater a person’s potential is long term.”

Cambian Whinfell Head Richard Tyson said: “Vicky is a long-serving and highly valued team member at Whinfell.

Her experience in special needs and autism in particular, is extensive but some time ago she decided to further her theoretical knowledge of the subject by enrolling on this challenging postgraduate course."

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