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Grateley student invites family for a school dinner with a difference

Last term Grateley House School student Demetrius came up with the idea of inviting his grandparents to the school to show other students some authentic Chinese cooking and prepare a special cook night for the house base.

Demetrius’ mother, grandmother and grandfather visited on 12 January, once the school day had finished.

Students were briefed before the guests’ arrival on the purpose of the visit and encouraged to display good manners and that, although onsite, they were still representing their school.

The students joined Demetrius’ family in the stables kitchen and made their introductions. The food was prepared primarily by Demetrius’ family and at various stages of the preparation students were encouraged to help out and get involved.

The students then ate a special meal of homemade prawn crackers, spring rolls, curry triangles, Chinese dumplings and chow mein with Demetrius’ family and were all keen to engage and learn about different cultures.

Students and staff participated in the cleaning-up process and expressed their gratitude to Demetrius’ family for taking the time to come to the school.

All students were thanked for their positive attitude for the event and excellent behaviour.

It was a very positive experience and Demetrius is further engaging with staff to choose a thank you card, which all staff and students will sign and send to his Grandparents.

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