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Go! Rhinos

Back in March, Year 7 students from Southlands School had a visit from Francesca Smith, an Education officer from Marwell Zoo, who introduced them through a 90-minute workshop to the Go! Rhinos project.

This project is a public art event designed to communicate the best of Hampshire’s art, heritage and culture to the widest possible audience.

It involves artists, community groups and schools creating a design to decorate rhino sculptures which will be on display in the streets of Southampton from 13 July - 22 September 2013.

The project is in celebration of Marwell Zoo’s 40th anniversary and highlighting the significant conservation threat facing wild rhinos.

After the initial workshop, the Year 7 students created individual designs for Southlands rhino, and then as a group successfully decided on incorporating three of the designs to decorate it.

Over a two-week period, the Year 7 students worked as a group to decorate their rhino with acrylic paints, managing to get most of the paint onto where it was supposed to be.

When the rhino was dry after having several coats of varnish he was driven back to Marwell Zoo ready to be displayed by Marwell Zoo staff in Southampton.

Below is a link to the Go! Rhinos web site where you can download a trail map to visit the rhinos around Southampton.

In October the rhino will be returning to school and will be put on display.


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