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Star Wards

We have been awarded the ‘Full Monty’ award for each of our facilities. We have managed to implement all 75 suggested ideas.

There are 75 suggestions that will make psychiatric hospitals better places to be, with more exciting things to do, more choice and more patient involvement in planning their time.

At Cambian, we are not just interested in patients’ health problems. We care about all their daily experiences and want to make their time with us as enjoyable and as valuable as possible. The Star Wards Challenge sets out to do just this. It was devised by a former mental health service user, Marian Janner, so comes from someone who really understands.

Here are some of the activities which take place at our services:

  • WOW Welcome Pack for new clients
  • Buddy systems
  • Guitar lessons
  • Dog walking
  • Pets as therapy
  • Clients’ participation in interviews for new staff
  • Visits to the local golf range
  • Pets to care for, from red-tailed kites to tortoises
  • Incentive schemes to encourage participation
  • Green Gym, where exercise is mixed with conservation activities
  • TIPIY group (Taking Pride and Interest in Yourself)
  • Exercise plans developed for when clients leave the unit
  • Hair dressing salons
  • Unit holidays
  • Multi-faith rooms
  • Clients show visitors round
  • Community meetings for exchange of ideas
  • Staff competencies
  • Family support

Every established Cambian hospital has received a Full Monty award. More information can be found on http://starwards.org.uk/

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