Cambian believes in giving everybody the opportunity to grow in their role and develop their skills in line with our business needs.  Our learning and development strategy includes the pursuit of both academic and vocational qualifications at university, college or at work. 

In addition we have invested in and developed our own on-line learning programme, Achieve, which is available to all employees.  Our commitment to learning and development not only helps you but also ensures the continuing improvement in the quality of care and education we offer to the people we take care of. 

It is our policy to provide a blended approach to learning and development for all team members, in order that you can perform your duties more effectively whilst developing to your full potential.  

Everyone undertakes an initial induction programme where an introduction to Cambian and our values are followed by mandatory / compliance training.  This involves a combination of e-learning modules, work based activities, and some practical workshops.

Some of your training needs to be updated annually; your line manager or supervisor will discuss this in more detail as part of your on-going supervision and appraisal.  You need to keep up to date with this training otherwise it may prevent you from being able to work.

It is important that you remember; that you are responsible for attending any courses that you have been assigned. You must attend mandatory/compliance training or complete e-learning modules assigned to you.