Cambian specialist residential care in the UK

everyone has a personal best

Small group homes Tier 2

Our small group homes offer 3-4 bedrooms and it operates on a minimum of a 1:2 staffing ratio. Our services are flexible and well equipped to increase staffing to accommodate young people who require 1:1 support and/or waking nights.

In addition to the care services provided within the home, Cambian also offers education at its regional school. Personalised care takes into account routines, rules and boundaries. High value is placed on choice-consequence, where young people are highly praised for making positive decisions and challenged to think about the potential consequences of negative behaviours. 

We work with each young person to develop a personal care plan ensuring that they can take activities that meet their individual needs. Staff work with the local school and Cambian specialist schools to support each young person with their education programmes. This includes developing life skills, cooking, keeping fit and taking part in community activities. 

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