Specialist Education

Work Experience at Grateley House School


The work experience programme for the post-16 cohort has been developed in the last academic year.


Grateley House School has developed links with local employers that offer the students some real insight into the world of work aimed at underpinning the theoretical work students complete during their NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Occupational Studies for the Workplace, the qualification which is the flagship pathway for all full-time post-16 students.


The school links with 2 local companies who work with our students and give them some meaningful experience within their working establishments. These were in the form of the Army Flying Museum in Middle Wallop as well as Romsey Visitor Information Centre with a view to adding more to the platform in the summer term.


Students experience 3-week rotations where they complete placement sessions at each of the venues mentioned as well as an onsite week engaging in administration / organisation tasks within the post-16 environment. This provides students with a broad range of skills to showcase their competency within each of the tasks set.


Skills and qualities gained from Grateley House School’s work experience programme include following management instructions, time management, problem solving, booking tickets, preparing activity packs for student visits, completing exhibit audits as well as merchandising products.


Additionally, the school has established internal work experience positions in the school kitchen as well as further administration positions in post-16 to ensure a varied timetable designed to prepare the students for the world of work. This is providing the cohort with additional skills and qualities to reference on their CV as an axis to being ready for the next phase of their learning journey.


The work experience programme is strongly in-keeping with the vision and values of the school as well as providing the students with an axis to developing a lifelong love of learning not to mention the ability to make a contribution to their own future lives, earnings and the wider society for which they reside in years to come.