Residential Services

Cambian children's specialist residential services have a reputation for providing outstanding care helping children and young people with a range of complex needs and social, emotional mental health stablilise their lives and develop their potential.


Our services are trusted by Ofsted, and our customer focused and personal approach ensure we provide high quality care in over 137 homes. We offer a complete pathway designed to reduce levels of 1:1 support leading to supported living or foster care. Our placement objectives include:


Our referral process - ensuring that each young person is matched rigorously, to the correct service type: this maximises the potential for placement stability and the right home provides the right service to suit a young person's needs and manage the risks that they present.


Our homes are tiered in respect of the level of acuity they deal with, the staffing ratio provided and consequently the tier of therapeutic support they require. Each geographic region has a robust operational structure, consisting of Regional Managers, supported by Cambian central quality and governance teams


Complex Homes

If you would like some advice or more information on our services and what we can do for you, email us here, or call 0161 507 3723 to discuss a referral in confidence.


SEMH Child Profile

• 6-18 years+

• Mixed gender

• Complex needs

• Behavioural or emotional difficulties

• Emergency/same day placements

• History of placement breakdown

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"The teaching methods used are very appropriate to meet the children's needs. The staff are always very approachable and willing to take the time to discuss any areas of the child's development or social care."

Local Authority Representative