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 Potterspury Lodge School News Pre-2023


➜   Celebrating Christmas in Style


➜   Students Explore Warwick Castle


➜   Potterspury Lodge 'Good' Rating by Ofsted


➜   Lab Coats and Goggles!


➜   'Shout-outs' to Students


➜    Key Stage 2 Get Creative in Core Subjects!


➜  Passing Out Pastries For Children in Need!


➜  'Superflex and The Unthinkables'


➜  Bon Appétit


➜  Party at Potterspury!


➜  Recognition from the House of Commons!


➜  Potterspury Lodge School Celebrate Fantastic Results!


➜  Potterspury Lodge Bring Fifa to Life


➜  Outstanding results for Potterspury Lodge!


➜  Wembley - Potterspury Part of 7Up History


➜  Diwali - Feelgood Festivities


➜  Do it for Defib


➜  Platinum Reward - Bear Grylls


➜  All England Badminton Championships


➜  Potterspury Lodge's Red Nose Day


➜  World Book Day at Potterspury Lodge


➜  Potterspury placed third at the Rivertime Regatta


➜  Potterspury Lodge Primary Church Visit

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