Specialist Education

We love to speak about stories of success and the brilliant work our team do. Success can be measured in many different ways and our goal is to support the students in our care and bring out the best in them.

"This school has the kindest and most comforting staff in the world! Staff have the ability to transform a kid to be an amazing student. This is the best school ever! Even if I could go back to mainstream school, I wouldn’t want to because the staff here are so amazing."


- L.W (Student)



"Our school is way better than mainstream. I enjoy coming to this school because of the great staff and because I've made friends. Our lessons are good and varied."


- C.S (Student)



"The teachers here are the best, I like it here a lot."


- E.L (Student)



"Staff take the time to listen to you when you're upset and give support and good advice. They are so kind and caring."


- B.B (Student)



"The Staff here are funny and kind, staff really do care about us."


- J.H (Student)



"When my son finally left mainstream school, things had become really bad with his education. He was so distressed going to school and would fight to resist. He spent one school year out of education before joining Cambian Scarborough School. It was a challenging start, but the staff were persistent with him despite everything he threw at them. The fantastic staff managed to get him to settle in, developing brilliant relationships with them. My son has come so far since he started, going from refusing to read at all, to reading in front of his class. My son’s emotional intelligence has developed beyond measure during his time at the school. He is a more reasonable young man, knows how to apologise when he needs to and can reset his own mood to control his emotions. We are so grateful to the school for their amazing commitment, perseverance and care. Thank you!"


- Parent



"The staff at Cambian Scarborough School have gone above and beyond in supporting our son, not only in his education but in his social and emotional needs as well. He is happier and more settled than we have ever seen him within a school setting and he is really enjoying the different subjects. Our son has built some very positive and trusting relationships with all the staff. He is now able to open up and discuss any issues that are bothering him and it's incredible to see this development. As parents, we are extremely grateful for all the hard work, love and dedication the staff have shown him, and the other children. Cambian is not just a school, it's a supportive, loving family."


- Parent



"Our son spent a year out of education before joining Cambian. It was a challenging start, with him resisting and fighting again, like he had in mainstream school. The staff persisted, despite all he threw at them. Our son settled and developed brilliant relationships with the staff; going from refusing to read, to reading in front of his whole class. His emotional control has come so far, allowing him to change his own mood and making it far easier to communicate with him. We are so grateful to Cambian Scarborough School for their commitment, perseverance and care."


- Parent



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Cambian Scarborough School Outcomes & Achievements

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To ensure a variety of skills, Cambian Scarborough School also deliver the accredited Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze and Silver Awards. 

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"I designed this cake to show how Cambian bring out the best in people. They give you so many opportunities that you can realise you have so much more inside. This is represented by the different colour sponges."

Student, who entered a baking competition

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