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Often, good verbal skills are not matched by the ability to use language in a social context. The comprehension of launguage is oftern overly literal, because of the difficulty in interpreting and understanding particular social nuances of language. For example, there may be difficulties in understanding jokes, metaphors and sarcasm.


People with AS often have difficulty in expressing themselves socially and emotionally and understanding the social and emotional behaviour of others.


For example, they may:

• Have difficulty using and understanding communicative gestures, facial expressions or tone of voice

• Have difficulty engaging in a 2-way conversation, preferring to talk about their own interests regardless of the other person's (lack of) interest, or knowing how and when to start and end conversations

• Use quite complex launguage without fully understanding what they mean

• Have issues with conversational skills such as greetings, joining a conversation, verbal turn-taking, listening skills, talking about a particular topic, awareness of personal space, ending a conversation

• Not understand emotions: facial expressions, body language, voice quality - intonation, pitch, speed, awareness of own body language, expressing emotions verbally


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