Cambian Scarborough School

Young people have the opportunity to develop to their full potential in preparation for their future life where there is a passion for learning and mutual respect for all.


The school's curriculum is broad and balanced and includes, where appropriate, all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum. There is a particular emphasis on core subjects and on personal skills, as to address significant gaps in previous learning.


We actively promote opportunities to broaden student's experiences through a wide variety of educational visits and we work with other agencies to deliver projects both on and off the school site. We encourage students to make a positive contribution to society in many ways, including involving them in community and charity events throughout the school year.


Vocational education makes up a large part of our curriculum, which may suit students who have practical skills, and leads to accredited qualifications such as GCSE's, BTEC diplomas and AQA Unit Awards.  We also deliver the accredited Duke of Edinburgh's Bronze and Silver Awards. 


As a registered Forest School we provide further, increasingly diverse opportunities for our students to benefit from a supportive curriculum that can help students build positive values and attitude about themselves, learning, and the environment in which they live.  We offer vocational placements to all students and they will have the opportunity to receive staff support as required, including college. In some cases, there may be the opportunity for students to begin working independently at placements. However, this must be risk assessed and pre-planned, with the final decision made by the school.


Qualifications we offer include:

✓ Entry Level

✓ Functional Skills



✓ Duke of Edinburgh Award

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As a registered Forest School, we provide diverse opportunities for our students to benefit from a supportive curriculum, building positive attitudes about themselves and the environment in which they live.

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