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Cambian Dilston College Environment

We understand that residential colleges can never replace home but we make every effort to create a welcoming, family environment where learners feel safe and comfortable.


At Cambian Dilston College we are lucky enough to have an amazing environment in which to teach and care for our students.  Our college buildings are surrounded by 9 acres of grounds which provide not only a unique teaching setting but also the back drop to providing a gentle, caring, therapeutic environment for students to enjoy, relax and develop within.


Both our main building and the cottages within the grounds provide accommodation for students.  All student accommodations are clean, well decorated and furnished to a high standard.  Students are encouraged and supported to personalise their room to make them truly a 'home from home'.


Student accommodation provides individuals with the opportunity to experience living away from home and developing skills for independence such as cooking, shopping, doing laundry, supported travel training and community awareness.  Gaining these skills will enhance their experience of moving onto Independent Supported Living if they choose this as a future option.


Most students will live together in small groups with designated staff supporting.  Some students may live individually to meet their needs.


Our students are supported to use their own devices such as mobile phones and tablets that allow them access to social media and online options. Student safety is of paramount importance throughout and careful monitoring and support is undertaken by staff to ensure that all students understand how to keep themselves and others safe within this arena.


If you have any concerns regarding student safety online please contact the college direct and speak to one of our Safeguarding leads Kirsty Davison or Carol Brown. For more information regarding student safety online please read our E safety policy within our policy section.


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Outdoor Space at Dilston College

Some of our key areas include a forest school base within the woods, acres of horticultural grounds including raised beds and poli-tunnels, bird hide and feeding stations and a football pitch.

Running throughout the grounds there are paths and roadways that students and staff use to relax and excercise.  We have a wide selection of bikes and adult size go-carts that students can enjoy during sessions and in the evening.

We have an outdoor gym and a large trampoline which has been sunk into the ground providing students with the opportunity to keep fit and burn off any excess energy in a safe and fun environment.

To ensure that everyone can enjoy the outdoors whatever their mobility or energy level we have provided many benches and seating areas throughout the grounds to enable everyone to socialise, day dream or just relax on.



Animals at Dilston College

To accompany our amazing outdoor environment we have a variety of animals for students to enjoy and be involved in the care of, if this is of interest to them.

We currently have two Bagot Goats called Archie and Billy who are gentle and friendly.  Students love to feed them, clean them out and undertake general health checks on them.

Billy and Archie's neighbours are a small flock of Soay Sheep which are hardy and wild by nature but love to be fed fresh greens by the students.

We also have chickens that lay delicious eggs which are regularly collected by the students.  Numeracy and literacy are also incorporated into this session when counting the eggs, recording the numbers and labelling the boxes.  Our residential students especially enjoy receiving these eggs to use in their accommodations.

To one side of the main building there is a large aviary which houses a wide selection of bright and beautiful finches and canaries.  Students can get involved in their care if they are would like to and provide them with fresh food and clean water.  On sunny days the aviary birds can be heard singing throughout the grounds which both the staff and students adore.

The benefits of having animals onsite for students to have contact with are varied and life enhancing.  Benefits can include individuals increasing self confidence, an increase in communication skills, developing work as a team player, enhancing their problem solving skills and improving both large and fine motor skills.


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On-site facilities include:

✓ ICT Suites

✓ Sensory Room

✓ Café

✓ Bakery

✓ Workshop for Art, Pottery and Woodwork

✓ Outdoor Classroom and Teaching Space

✓ Vocational Learning Kitchen

✓ Forest School

✓ Outdoor Gym

✓ Horticultureal and Estates Management

✓ Animal Care Facilities

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