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We love to speak about stories of success from our students and the brilliant work our team do. Success can be measured in many different ways and our goal is to support the students in our care and bring out the best in them. 


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I am writing yet again to thank you and your amazing staff for making me the happiest mum on earth today! T has taken a Christmas jumper to school! No it is not about the jumper or the season it is the fact that he is confident and feels safe enough to do so! I cried with joy as he left and that is down to Potterspury! Thank you all for making my boy feel good again! T has refused all costumes or anything like that since year 2! I even spoke to Mr Mayer on Tuesday and bet him T wouldn’t wear anything like that! I know it doesn’t seem a lot but to me it means the world it shows me T is happier and more confident! Best thing I ever did regardless of how exhausting it was, was to fight to get T into your school!


Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year!


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"I am writing to congratulate you all, for the stunning result following the recent Ofsted inspection. The dedication of all staff, the hard work and care they have given our son since arriving as Potterspury Lodge has been outstanding, and has certainly improved his outlook on life and a positive approach to his future at college. Though he still lacks self-esteem in himself, his achievements in overcoming the self-loathing, becoming creative in music and the arts and actuallt enjoying the school environment has been outstanding."


- Parent


"My child now has real friends rather than online friends that he hasn't met and therefore isn't as lonely or isolated as he once was. This was very much a concern for me as I could see that although he is resilient, he was beginning to suffer with low mood associated with social isolation. My child has a brilliant mind, but if you cannot communicate with your peers then it can be rather wasted. Potterspury has helped develop his social and communication skills."


- Parent


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"What really shines through is the attention to the individual young persons’ ambitions and goals – some of the work books were really impressive and a sign of pride in the learning environment at Potterspury."

Director of Compliance, CareTech

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