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See below the latest newsletters promoting happy, healthy and sustainable living at Hill House School and beyond:


➜ FootPrint Issue 28: All About Bees

Did you know that Bees are among the hardest working creatures on the planet and benefit people, plants and the environment.


➜ FootPrint Issue 27: Grow your own!

Did you know that lots of fresh herbs that you see in supermarkets are actually flown into the UK. This causes pollution from airplanes, unnecessary plastic packaging, and in some cases, deforestation to keep up with demand.


➜ FootPrint Issue 26: Recycle Your Unwanted Spectacles and Contact Lenses!

Did You Know… Even though they are made from metal or plastic, glasses cannot be thrown in your household recycling bin? But not to worry, you can recycle spectacles and contact lenses by visiting your local Opticians!


➜ FootPrint Issue 25: Earth Day 2022

Students and staff at Hill House have been reflecting on how their individual actions impact our planet’s natural systems and with Earth Day around the corner (22nd April), have continued to promote environmental awareness with their Eco-Friendly efforts. 


➜ FootPrint Issue 24: How Green Is It... To Eat Chocolate?

As Easter approaches, Hill House asked the Green Living Detective 'How Green Is It... To Eat Chocolate?' and were very surprised with the information that they found.


➜ FootPrint Issue 23: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hill House recently held a Recycling Day where the Behaviour Support Team focused on how students could incorporate the 3Rs into their daily lives to form good habits.


➜ FootPrint Issue 22: World Book Day

As part of their One Planet Living initiative and work towards the Eco School Green Flag Award, Hill House chose the theme of “Nature” for this year’s World Book Day celebrations.


➜ FootPrint Issue 21: March Madness

As springtime approaches, everyone at Hill House is looking forward to better weather, longer days, and the chance to get outside more.


➜ FootPrint Issue 20: Recycling Day!

On Wednesday, 2nd March, Hill House held its first Recycling Day! 


➜ FootPrint Issue 19: The Best Thing In Life Are Trees

Hill House are playing their part in promoting the importance of Trees and encoraging everyone to plant more of them in their gardens and land.


➜ FootPrint Issue 18: How Green Is It... To Laminate Paper?

Hill House' Lower School Lead has introduced the use of digital workboxes to replace printed and laminated resources, reducing paper and plastic waste throughout the lower school.


➜ FootPrint Issue 17: The Joy that Music Brings

Hill House students have been enjoying their own personalized playlists on Spotify, to try and reduce the amount of plastic CD's that they use!


➜ FootPrint Issue 16:Eco-Schools Green Flag

Hill House are very excited as they apply for a Eco-Schools Green Flag, to acknowledge, reward, and celebrate the ecological achievements of our students and to promote the hard work that they are doing to protect the planet.


➜ FootPrint Issue 15: Shop Well, Eat Well

Check out tips on how to reduce food waste and how we can all make big carbon reductions without completely altering your lifestyle.


➜ FootPrint Issue 14: Big School Birdwatch

The students at Hill House School took part in RSPB Big School Birdwatch, looking for birds so they can complete their survey and submit their results online with other schools across the country. Not only that, plans are now underway to open a Let's Eat Bird Cafe, to encourage their feathered friends to visit all year round.


➜ FootPrint Issue 13: 8 Ways to be Environmentally Healthy

New year, new habits! Hill House School and Friends of the Earth are sharing their top 8 tips as to how you can be more sustainable... the lazy way!


➜ FootPrint Issue 12: Travel & Transport

One of the One Planet Living principles is reducing the need to travel, encouraging walking, cycling and low-carbon transport. Cycling is for everyone and the Hill House students are given the opportunity to build their self-confidence on specialist bikes.


➜ FootPrint Issue 11: The Treehouse Theatre & Christmas Trees

Read more about the most recent visit from The Treehouse Theatre and how to dispose of your Christmas Trees sustainably.


➜ FootPrint Issue 10: Country Trust

As part of their One Planet Living work, Hill House School have signed up to the Country Trust, a national education charity that brings alive the working countryside for those least able to access it.


➜ FootPrint Issue 9: It's a Green Christmas

Read more about how with a little thought and planning the students at Hill House will have a more sustainable Christmas both in School and at home.


➜ FootPrint Issue 8: Think Before You Print

Discover why using too much paper is bad for the trees, landfill, environment and our health and how changing our daily practices can make a huge difference.


➜ FootPrint Issue 7: Focus on Firs

Follow the first entry of the Green Dragon's Den winners and how they intend to reduce food waste and plastic useage at Hill House School.


➜ FootPrint Issue 6: Green Dragon's Den

Hill House School held their first Green Dragon's Den where teams got the chance to present their ambitious plans for promoting sustainability at Hill House School and see who got the 'green light'.


➜ FootPrint Issue 5: Bamboo is Better

Bamboo is now recognised as an extremely earth-friendly material and the students at Cedar and Willows are already testing out their bamboo toothbrushes. Plus, meet November's One Planet Living Champion! 


➜ FootPrint Issue 4: Recycling

Recycling facts and what we can do to help. 


➜ FootPrint Issue 3: Project Garden

Students have been busy making a sensory garden using recycled materials - not only edible but also good for local wildlife.


➜ FootPrint Issue 2: Fine Bedding

The boys at Willows recently chose new bedding from a company that promotes sustainably responsible practices. Plus, the students try out their new plates, bowls and mugs made out of wheat straw.


➜ FootPrint Issue 1: One Planet Living

The first newsletter from Hill House School promoting sustainable living, including the 10 principles and for information about Lymington and Pennington's Green Week.

The 10 Principles

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