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We love to speak about stories of success and the brilliant work our team do. Success can be measured in many different ways and our goal is to support the students in our care and bring out the best in them.

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Top Quotation

Hi, just to let you know how pleased I am with our son’s GCSE results. It’s a great achievement after such a big educational gap and with his difficulties.

- Parent


"That is absolutely amazing we are so thrilled with his results."

- Parent


"Delighted, never thought he would actually ever get any examinations."

- Parent


"Absolutely thrilled, so proud and cannot believe, after the year we have had he has done so well."

- Parent


"I can’t believe it – I am so happy!"

- Student

Bottom Quotation

"It has been wonderful to hear everything that my son has been doing during his first week. Better still, he has been excited and engaged enough to want to come home and tell us about his days and his learning. I know a lot about Celts not wearing armour, and much more about exoskeletons than I did before. This week could have been a particularly difficult one so thank you all for helping him feel so welcome. My son says he feels like people understand him and was disappointed today was a half-day because "I love my new school".

- Parent, 2021

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