Specialist Education

Hill House are also involved in a funded research project with ACoRNS titled 'Using Digital Stories to support children’s transitions to their next school or placement'.


We have been working with an organisation called Autek who deliver a filming service through employment and work experience with disabled and autistic people.


We worked with Autek to produce a series of videos and virtual tours of Hill House that can be shared with young people moving in to help prepare them to live in their new home and attend their new school.


The films showcase a whole range of activities taking place across the Hill House site and provide immersive images and videos that can help young people understand about the new places, faces and environment and help them to overcome any anxiety they may have about the move.


The research incorporates feedback from the young people themselves, their parents and the team around them and focusses on the success of the move into Hill House and how the Digital Story supported this.