Cambian Beverley School

Head Teacher

Melanie Ellis

Telephone: 01482 307830

"Melanie came to Cambian Beverley School as curriculum co-ordinator two years ago. Prior to this, she has 10 years experience in educational settings including both mainstream schools at the private sector. Prior to gaining qualified teacher status, Melanie worked as a special educational needs teaching assistant and hold a wide range of special educational needs qualifications. In her previous setting, she undertook the roles of SENCo and Curriculum Co-ordinator.


Melanie has high expectations of all children and is passionate about equipping them with the necessary skills which will enable them to lead independent fulfilling lives."


Teacher / Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Adele Ball

Telephone: 01482 307830

"Adele has over 10 years experience of working with vulnerable young people. She has an excellent understanding of behavioural issues and adopts a calm approach when working with young people."



Richard Walters

Telephone: 01482 307830

"Following a long career in the Royal Marines, Richard enrolled on the Troops to Teachers Programme. Richard firmly believes that learning should be fun and exciting and encourages pupils to relate their learning to the world around them."



Toni Pawson

Telephone: 01482 307830

"Toni recently joined the Beverley School team, prior to this, she has had 15 years experience as a secondary Science Teacher. Toni particularly  enjoys working practically within the classroom in order to solve problems and encourages pupils to develop their practical skills."


General Enquiries


Telephone: 0161 507 3723


Governance Board

Termly Governance Board meetings are held at Cambian Beverley School to ensure that the management of the school is closely scrutinised and held to account in all areas of responsibility.


The agenda comprises of:


✓ Voice of the Child - student feedback


✓ Head Teachers Highlight Report outlining achievements and challenges and progress against school improvement report


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Care


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Education


✓ Outcomes for Children and Young People - Therapy


✓ Commercial Performance


✓ Staffing and Personnel


✓ Estates Report


✓ IT report


The Governance Board contain key individuals from outside and within the school who attend this meeting each term and parental and staff feedback is always welcomed.