Potterspury Lodge School

We have a flexible approach to learning, personalising the curriculum and offering small teaching groups to meet students' learning needs and abilities.

Personalised approach


The curriculum followed is broadly based on the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum, but the delivery of subjects is adapted within the classroom to meet the very particular needs of our students. The curriculum model emphasises the importance of key core subjects, whilst offering similar breadth to the National Curriculum.


It is important to us that students access learning appropriate to their learning needs, interests and aspirations. Therefore, while some students follow a GCSE-based pathway, others may access functional skills, entry level, ASDAN or AQA unit awards, and some students may engage with elements of both pathways. 


Personal Development including careers, life skills and independence are also key aspects of our curriculum as we recognise the importance of preparing our students for adulthood, further education and employement, where appropriate. Careers interviews in Year 9, alongside independant careers advice offered by Prospects, help shapes students' Key Stage 4 curriculums to ensure they access the relevant subjects and levels of qualifications and accreditations appropriate to their next steps into Key Stage 5 and beyond




Alongside the academic offer students receive support from our in house clinical team, including timetabled Social Thinking sessions in Key Stage 3, as well as focused Preparation for Adulthood work in Personal Development and pastoral times. There is also an opportunity for students to have short periods of work experience where appropriate; these may be on or off-site. Where possible the school places students with local employers and works with partner organisations to ensure the suitability of placements.



At Cambian Pottersbury Lodge School we aim to provide consistent, diverse, enjoyable and structured learning opportunities through a waking day curriculum, seven days a week.



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 I was impressed by the atmosphere in the school and in the classroom areas and in particular the level of engagement that the young people had in the sessions that they were present in. I’m sure it’s not always calm but the layout of the classrooms and the light and space do I think, help in creating a safe and therapeutic space for the young people to learn and achieve to their full potential.

- Director of Compliance, CareTechBottom Quotation


Potterspury Lodge School Environment


Cambian Potterspury Lodge is set in a large country house and grounds with additional education and residential premises within the twenty-two acre site. We have a large playing field and hard court surfaces  and there is outdoor exercise equipment and swings for recreation. 


Each house has its own lounge and kitchenette. All houses have toilets and showers, with most houses containing baths. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for tidiness around the house and in their own rooms. They are encouraged to bring pictures, books and any other special items that are personal to them.

Consistent teaching and learning takes place over a longer period than in mainstream day schools. Class groups are small, allowing for individual programmes of study. Alongside the formal curriculum, behaviour management strategies and the development of social skills are also an integral part of every lesson on the timetable.


Qualifications we offer include:


✓ ASDAN qualifications

✓ Information Technology Qualification Level 1 & 2

✓ AQA Unit Awards

✓ Entry Level

✓ Functional Skills

✓ Sports Leaders Award

✓ ASA swimming and gynastics

✓ Open awards

✓ A-Levels (through local colleges)

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Students can watch television in their free time in the lounges, which offers a selection of Freeview digital channels. A range of resources and games are also available in each living area for students to use.

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