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 Southlands School News & Events


➜  We'll be the judge of that...

➜  Southlands Students 'Engineer' Their Way Through SETA Training!

➜  Raising Funds For Macmillan Cancer Support

➜  Developing Skills Outside The Classroom

➜  Southlands School Celebration Day

➜  Southlands Students Visit Careers Event

➜  Southlands Students Recognise World Mental Health Day

➜  Southlands Student Organises Dodgeball Tournament!

➜  Southlands Students Raise Money for Charity

➜  Students Return to their Engineering Studies

➜  Southlands School Visited by Local Head Chef!

➜  University students visit Southlands School

➜  Graffiti artist pays visit to Cambian Southlands School!

➜  Southlands students learning to save lives!

➜  The Journey of a Longitude Explorer

➜  Southlands Overnight Camping Trip

➜  Match Report at Southlands

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