Hill House School

We believe that all young people should have an opportunity to make choices and express their views.


Young people have a right for their voice to be heard and every opportunity is taken to involve the young people in their own everyday decisions.


It is vital that we listen to our young people and give them an opportunity to express how they are feeling and enable them to be able to ask for help and support when needed.


These opportunities are integrated into a young person’s day and individual strategies and tools are developed to enable all young people to be able to leave HHS with the skills needed to be able to communicate their feelings and preferences effectively.


How we listen to our Young People:

Talk Pads

All of our young people can have access to SMARTBOX AAC devices to help them to communicate and have more independence

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Positive Communication

The introduction of Smartbox has opened up another world of communication for our students and the option to individualise such a modern and slick communication tool has been really well received

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Zones of Regulation

For the young people at Hill House School to learn about and understand their emotions in a way that is accessible to them

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Check Ins

We encourage check in times each morning and evening so how students can tell us how they feel

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Includes helping young people and encouraging them to practice their interactions and saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to them

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Review Contributions

All young people are invited to contribute to their review and where possible, the young person can come along to their meeting and share their views

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Home Chats

With online calls becoming a way of life, this gives a great opportunity for families and young people to see each other and spend some time together

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The 'Let's Eat' Cafe

The whole impetus for creating the café was about offering choice – and the importance of this for our young people who often have had so many decisions made on their behalf

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Individual Choices

Making decisions is an important life skill and one that we really aim to promote in our students

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Sixth Form Pathways

Our 6th Form Curriculum encourages our students to follow Pathways which are designed to help them build a more independent lifestyle and develop skills for life and work

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The Hill House Professional Learning Community provide an external perspective on our school in a way that supports and challenges us


Our PLC includes key members of our local community including a retired head teacher, a retired social care inspector, a GP and a professor from Southampton university 


The purpose of the PLC is;

• To engage in structured professional discussions

• To work collaboratively with our local community to improve the school

• To hold frank discussions / assessments of performance and outcomes

• To have a balance of high support and high challenge

• To form part of the school improvement process

• To bring an external perspective to the school

• To encourage innovation

• To support us to set stretching targets


The PLC visit the school on a regular basis and speak to young people and staff


Senior Practitioners On Site

Both our Clinical Psychologist and Consultant Clinical Psychiatrist regularly spend time with the young people. This enables them to check to see that they are being given the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions and to also monitor mood and behaviour

Kate Landells, Head Teacher Testimonial Image

"We are so pleased with the Outstanding Judgement from Ofsted - in particular their view that 'Through a wide range of activities including training, visits and work placements in the community, this school is changing attitudes towards pupils who experience significant difficulties'. This means a great deal."

Kate Landells, Head Teacher

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