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What is the Quality of Life Framework?


The Quality of Life framework is the assessment tool that we use across our campus, in school and residential to enhance the outcomes for our young people. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for students and their families’ by providing them with the necessary skills to engage in society and become active citizens in preparation for adulthood.


At Cambian Spring Hill School we recognise the importance of academic achievement but we also understand and champion the development of skills in independence, social participation and well-being. We believe that these skills are equally as vital in ensuring our students reach their potential. This is a whole school approach. Education, Care and Clinical teams work holistically with young people and their families to identify issues, set targets and implement support strategies, leading to significant improvements for all.


Working with Families

It is fundamental in our approach that we strive to understand how to improve the quality of life for any of our young people. In order to do this we need to understand what life is like for them and how it could be improved.


Young people tell us how they are doing and what they are struggling with through their termly QoL questionnaire. The results inform keyworker discussions which in turn allows students to shape their own timetable, learning and care plans. Targets are aligned to the Independence Plus curriculum and set in collaboration with the student.


The Independence Plus curriculum allows students to develop, learn and master skills and can be delivered in a number of ways; the classroom, the home, the community or through key working or therapeutic sessions. There are 10 key areas of focus:


• My Self Care

• My Environment

• My Future

• My Finances

• My Relationships

• My Organisation

• My Community

• My Safety

• My Wellbeing

• My Travel

All young people have a baseline assessment and evidence is gathered from them, their families and staff to demonstrate overall progress on a termly basis.


At Cambian Spring Hill School we recognise and value the significance of good parent/carer partnerships and strive to work supportively with families to improve their quality of life as well that of their child. The significance of positive parent/carer partnerships cannot be underestimated and we anticipate all families to work harmoniously with us in the best interests of their child.


We have a highly specialised staff team on campus who are able to provide advice and guidance to families.

Our Multi-Disciplinary Staff Team

• Specialist, highly skilled and practiced teaching staff and support team including the school SENCo

• An in-house Clinical Team which consists of a Locum Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Mental Health Worker and Therapy Assistant

• Highly experienced Registered Managers, Admissions and Transitions Coordinator and a knowledgeable, nurturing, well trained and dedicated care and support team. Support is tailored to an individual set of circumstances for each family and their child/young person. Generally, most supportive measures look to offer guidance around:

School Support: Issues relating to school admission, provision and transition
Family to Family Support: Putting families in touch with others for social support
Home Support: routines and environmental management of the home
Training: Specific training and/or advice on aspects of Autism/SEN such as
sensory needs, anxiety management etc.

We expect to work with and for families and believe this generates the best possible

"Any issue with my child you try to get to the bottom of and find the best solution to help them."
- Parent, 2021


"The principal and other leaders know their pupils well. They seek to remove any barriers which hinder pupils’ success."

– Ofsted, October 2021

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